Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017


Chapel & Devotions

All grades have prayer and Bible lessons in their own classrooms. All grades have weekly chapel services which are scheduled on Wednesdays at 7:30 am.  Chapels may be led by teachers, students, and guest speakers.  Parents are encouraged to attend when possible.


All students in grades 1-8 must have a 1984 Edition NIV Bible for class.  GFA’s Bible program is designed to give children a strong doctrinal and factual background in God’s Word practically applied to life. All subjects are integrated with Biblical Truth.  The Bible curriculum for K-8th grade is Positive Action for Christ.


Science is the study of God’s World (see Psalm 33).  Our Kindergarten utilizes the A Beka Science curriculum while the Bob Jones University Curriculum is implemented in 1st-6th grades. Our Jr. High classes use the Apologia Science Curriculum.

It is the aim of all these science curriculums to develop within each child a meaningful reverence for the almighty power and infinite wisdom of God.  This helps the student understand the order and precision of the physical world. In science, the student presupposes the Scriptural teaching that God created the natural world. The world operates in His continual providence, and He reveals Himself in this natural world (see Psalm 19:1).


This course of study is designed to help the students become geographically aware, historically literate, and politically astute.  Bob Jones University Press Curriculum is used for 1st-8th grade, along with other applicable material.


Go Math! is utilized for Grades K-7 and 9th grade Algebra 1 is taught to the 8th grade students. Both programs are designed to meet the objectives and intent of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.  Students and teachers are supported as they advance from concrete to abstract content through the use of models and math talk prompts presented.  The program is designed so that teachers can easily create the environments necessary for teaching the standards for Mathematics with depth.

Language Arts

The Language Arts Curriculum encompasses reading and literature programs, writing skills, grammar studies, as well as phonics, spelling and language usage. Library skills are taught in all grades. GFA uses Journeys to implement this program.

Weekly Specials

In Music Class, all students will sing, play instruments, learn the parts of instruments, write rhythms, and read music.  Students will also perform in musical programs throughout the year for parents and guests.

Art Class is always exciting as students work on various projects including drawing, painting, paper mache, pottery, and sculpting.  Art projects will be submitted to our annual Art and Science Fair for an award.

For Physical Education, grades K-3 will place special emphasis on muscular development and movement.  Grades 4-8 begin to develop the skills necessary for various organized sports.

Grades K-8 will have the opportunity to go to the library once each week to check out books.  A maximum of three books may be checked out for two weeks at a time. Reference books may not be checked out.

Students will visit the computer lab once a week with their teacher for direct instruction.  They will learn how the computer can be used for research, reinforcing previously learned academic skills, and older students will learn how to create presentations using Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and other computer software programs.